A Few Miniature Highlander Cows Could Be The Perfect Addition To Your Small Farm

If you have a small farm and you're looking for farm animals that make great pets for your kids that your kids can also learn how to care for, consider miniature Highlander cows. These are smaller than most cows, so they are more suitable for kids to be around. They're also fuzzy and adorable so that makes them more lovable to kids. Here are some details you should know about mini Highlander cows.

The Cows Are Social Animals And Need Friends

It's best to get at least two mini Highlanders, but you might want a small herd. It depends on how much space you have and how much you want to invest in the cows. If you buy just one miniature Highlander, there's a chance it will develop health problems due to being stressed out and lonely.

The Cows Keep Your Pasture Mowed

Mini Highlanders earn their keep by munching down tall grasses in your pastures. However, you need to supplement their diet too, especially in the winter. Since they're small, they need less food than regular cows, so that can save you some money.

Miniature Highlander Cows Are Docile

These cows are good with children because they are docile and friendly. They're also curious, so they may follow you around and engage you rather than stand off in the field and ignore you.

They can be more like pets than working farm animals, and that helps you and your kids bond with them. If your children develop affection for the animals, they may be more motivated to learn how to care for them and cows in general.

Mini Highlander Cows Are Sturdy And Healthy

As long as the cows have plenty of room, companionship, and good care, they can live a long life with few health problems. They are known to be healthy animals. They can withstand cold temperatures and snow in northern states as well as hot temperatures in southern states as long as they have shade.

They don't need a whole lot of maintenance, but the more you interact with them, the happier they'll be and the more you'll enjoy them.

Breeders May Ship Cows To You

If you can't find a local breeder, you may need to find one in a nearby state that can deliver your cows or contract a third party to deliver them. However, the cows are popular, so you should be able to find them easily. You may need to go on a waiting list until baby cows are available and old enough to leave their mothers.

Adopting a miniature Highlander is a lot like adopting a pure-breed dog. Find out what you can about the breeder and their stock so you get healthy cows born from healthy parents so the risk of health problems is lower.

For more information on miniature Highlander cows, contact a breeder near you.